iEARN-BD, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Quality education and training in technology for underprivileged children


880 1674 98 32 45


Janata Housing, Mirpur-1, Dhaka


123 456 789

Goldsmith Hall

New York, NY 90210

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

Our Model

We have designed our curriculum on the basis of English version schools of the national curriculum of Bangladesh. The location of our school is in Mirpur, one of the many areas of the capital, saturated with underprivileged people. We have teenagers and young activists to support our cause with the mindset to make a real dent in the wall of ignorance, something that most certainly impediments the capacity to reach ones full potential.

It’s important that we make learning a fun experience, as a good class room environment works as a catalyst during passing of knowledge. Children have more fun with an interactive class, where there a lot of exchange of ideas among peers and the instructors, an experience that provides inspires mutual respect about themselves. In our efforts to implement the idea of a truly fulfilling classroom experience and a sound education for underprivileged children, a good support structure for the material things in this world is very important.

This is how Smallfoot gives education the way it was meant to be given, which is giving it for free. There will be several support groups of Smallfoot, made up of 10 enthusiastic supporters willing to help a particular child. The support group members may be from any background. These groups are intended to provide these children with the resources necessary for education and a sense of assistance at the same time. The pledge a support group makes is to provide the school with at least BDT 1000 every month with each member providing at least BDT 100. Instead of a few people providing large amounts, we made donations easier with the expectation that our support group members will form branches of their own, to make awareness among more people, who will each contribute conveniently to our mission. Individual supporters and donations are always welcome. We believe these children don’t simply need but deserves to experience a creative classroom environment.