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Quality education and training in technology for underprivileged children


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Janata Housing, Mirpur-1, Dhaka


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Goldsmith Hall

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Monday to Friday

Teach Through Tech

One of the tenets of Smallfoot is giving a deep learning experience through the effective and limitless use of technology. In line with that principle, Smallfoot launched its new project Teach Through Tech after winning a fund of $2800 from Harpur Edge through the Harpur Fellows Program. The project involves giving access to Smallfoot children to an interactive Computer Lab with 10 Laptops and internet connection. Every week volunteers of Teach Through Tech tutors the Smallfoot children and help them explore their creativity with the basic computer programs.

It is imperative to explain what exactly is meant by “futuristic education”, and also to give a
summary of the intended content of the workshops. In Bangladesh, the conventional
education system has for long provided students with descriptions and terminology with less
or no interactive learning. Textbooks, the building blocks of the education system,
sometimes fail to provide a long-lasting impression of the knowledge transmitted to the
reader. The reason, most commonly, is the lack of visualising the content. A child might be
curious about the reason behind rainfalls. A primary school textbook is well equipped for
showing a diagram of the Water Cycle, the process behind rainfalls. It gets the work done,
but it would not be a surprise if the child forgets the process in a matter of a few days. A
more effective way is available: the Internet. Coupled with the diagram in the textbook, a
short clip of an interactive rhyme which teaches the water cycle to children can be shown. This
clip is readily available in Youtube. If the child is yet more curious about the water cycle, she
can look it up in Wikipedia. This process might induce a general curiosity about
meteorology, and, hypothetically, the same child might end up in online forums which discuss
meteorology and decide to fancy a career. Alongside the holistic education from the
textbooks, she can concentrate on learning things that interest her the most. And the
project aims to provide this opportunity.

The content will be designed to primarily equip the children with the necessary knowledge of
English, needed to navigate the internet, and the basic functions of the computer itself. Then,
a step-by-step tutorial will be provided on navigating webpages. During this process, the
children will be encouraged to ask their own queries to the internet. Tasks will be assigned
which will require them seeking help from the internet. Rather than clouding their minds
with description and terminology, this internet-based auxiliary education platform will
emphasize and depend more on visuals. Rather than choosing a specialization at a later
stage of life, this platform enables children to pursue their interest while keeping their
curriculum based education undisturbed, rather enhanced. The content of the workshops
will extend into moral education, civic sense, history, revolutionary scientific theories and
much more. The curiosity induced in the process is expected to take the impact beyond only
these premises.